Security stands guard in front of a collapsed floor.

No fewer than 72 persons were injured as the floor of indonesia Stock Exchange collapses.

The collapse injured at least 17 students that were among the 67 persons who were hospitalized overnight after the collapse at one of Jakarta’s landmark buildings.

National police spokesman Setyo Wasisto said The floor collapse was not caused by a bomb.

Dozens of police officials cordoned off the multi-storey complex as many people ran away and others were seen sitting on steps outside the lobby.

Images from the scene showed a mangled metal structure that had collapsed around a Starbucks cafe near the entrance to the building in the heart of Jakarta’s business district.

TV images showed some people sitting on the steps outside the building.

The ABC’s Indonesia correspondent Adam Harvey, who was about 50 metres away from the building’s lobby, said it appeared the ceiling had fallen on a crowded reception area.

“There are many casualties inside and ambulances are attempting to get through to the building where it looks like there has been some kind of floor collapse,” he said.

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