Toddler freezes to death while father slept

A toddler named Wynter Parker who went out wandering in the cold has reportedly froze to death while her father was asleep. This happened on Friday, February 2, 2018, in Akron, Ohio.

The police who confirmed her death in a chat with People News, have commenced investigation in a bid to find out if her death can be tied to irresponsible parenting.

Her distraught mother, Dashanda Parker took to a GoFundMe page to express the devastating loss.

Dashanda described losing her child was synonymous to “losing your breath and never catching it again. Today, I’m filled with deep sorrow, grief, complete emptiness and pure agony.”

“While Wynter and her dad slept peacefully, Wynter being the growing, curious, ambitious toddler that she is awoke from her nap without disturbing Dad and left our home. No one was aware that she was outside in the snowfall, in freezing temperatures with life slipping away from her, dying,” the sad mom wrote.

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