95 Butchers Infected with Brucellosis in Bauchi State

The Bauchi State Government has said that 95 butchers in the state have been infected with an animal-related disease known as Brucellosis.

This Disclosure came from the Deputy Director, Veterinary Services, Bauchi State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr Istifanus Irimiya,while on an interview with journalists on Friday.He explained that 95 butchers tested positive out of 224 butchers from Bauchi, Misau and Katagum Local Government Areas that went for Brucellosis screening.

Brucellosis is contagious and that it could be transmitted from ruminants to human beings particularly butchers, herdsmen and veterinarians who interact with animals.

According to him, “The disease is transmitted through consumption of unboiled milk, meat, raw meat, blood of the infected animals as well as lack of proper sanitation and hygiene.

“The symptoms of the disease includes high fever, headache, sweating at night, victims at times cannot talk and abortion in pregnant woman.”

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