Suspicious wife cuts off husband’s sex organs, flushes them down toilet

A woman allegedly cuts off her husband’s penis and testicle and flushes them down into a toilet .

Sukhwant Kaur is accused of waiting until husband, Azad Singh, was asleep before beating him unconscious with a metal rod then taking a knife to his privates.

She is then said to have flushed his genitals down the toilet before he was rushed to hospital.

Mr. Singh is currently in a serious condition as a result of profuse bleeding following the incident in Joginder Nagar, northern India.

Investigators revealed that the woman took the action at their home after accusing the husband of cheating on her.

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Jalandhar Assistant Commissioner of Police, Satinder Kumar, said: “The woman first hit her husband with a rod when he was sleeping, which left him unconscious.

“Thereafter, she chopped off his private parts with a knife and then disposed them in a toilet.”

He is currently in hospital in a serious condition and police are investigating after his father filed a complaint.

In October, a 26-year-old man had his penis successfully reattached in Kattipuram, India. His manhood was also chopped off after his wife found out that he was marrying another woman.

The injured man Irshad, met up with his lover, 30, for ‘one last time’ before he was due to tie the knot with a bride of his parents’ choice.

Talking about Irshad’s case, a senior consultant, Dr. Krishnakumar, said: “To re-implant an amputated penis, all the complex structures in the penis have to be repaired.

“In Irshad’s case, we successfully repaired the arteries which bring the blood to the organ, the veins which carry the blood away, the nerves which give sensibility to the organ, the urethra, the corpora which provides erection and the muscles.

“The patient can be back to normal life in four weeks.”

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